Cebu Island

In the Visayas region of the Philippines lies Cebu, a narrow island that’s become one of the country’s most popular destinations. Historically a place for seafarers and tradesmen, Cebu—along with its nearby islands—is now known by travelers for its emerald mountains, colorful coral reefs, and wildlife of both the finned and furry varieties. Cebu City, the former capital of the country, is home to striking landmarks, including Basilica del Santo Niño. For a comprehensive sightseeing experience, take a tour that combines the sights in Cebu City with those on Mactan Island, home to cultural sites such as the Virgen dela Regla National Shrine and the Lapu Lapu Statue, built on the place where the chieftain Mactan battled Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. On neighboring Bohol, just a short ferry ride away, a guide can introduce you to the best of the island’s natural beauty. You’ll cruise down the Lomboc River and take in the Chocolate Hills in Carmen, and you’ll also want to keep your eyes open for tarsiers, the world’s tiniest primate. Sumilon Island offers unspoiled white sand and crystalline water; while Oslob is known for whale sharks, the largest fish in the world—a tour that includes gear means you can swim among them.

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